How to Survive Finals

It hits just about every student at about this point in the semester: OMG finals are almost here. Don’t stress…just take a breath. You’re cool. You’ll be even cooler when you check out these quick tips to survive finals. Just to forewarn you, these are awesome tips…or so I’m told…. finals are usually something that I procrastinate until I encounter a semesterly meltdown, but hey, maybe I’ll take my own advice this semester.

Quizlet is your friend. Copying down your notes to study is the most effective way for you to not only use for later, but you’ll also relearn the material as you copy down the important information.

Plan, plan, plan. For essay-style exams, outline a practice prompt of what you would say and how you would say it. Preparing for the worst is always the best. Planning is also important when you approach finals week. Know your exam schedule and plan accordingly. Maybe even start reviewing a week or so in advance, just to refresh your memory so you don’t hit the books too hard all at once.

Study like the test is tomorrow. If you have a test on Thursday, study the material really hard on Tuesday. That way, you can spend Wednesday simply reviewing the content versus feeling like you really need to cram the night before.

Teach others. For those taking PHIL 1200 or even Comm Law, it is always helpful to find a study buddy and talk through difficult concepts or cases together so you can better understand the material.

Time yourself. If you have multiple exams to study for, designate an hour per subject. When you feel like you’re on a deadline, you are more likely to concentrate on the task at hand.

Reward yourself. You deserve it. If you give yourself an end goal, you are more likely to power through the work, even if the reward is as simple as checking your social media, grabbing a snack or talking to your roommate for a bit.

Talk to you professor. Professors are a very underutilized resource when it comes to preparing for exams. They are the ones that write the exams…so if anyone has any good insight….it would be them. Ask them for tips of how to study or what subject matter to study the most…chances are they will slip you a couple of questions on the exam.

My last tip is don’t forget to relax. In the grand scheme of things, finals are nothing. Chances are you will still graduate from college, still get a job and still have a decent life if you didn’t perform that well in the class. Life goes on and GPAs aren’t even that necessary on a resume. Hopefully that isn’t bad advice….take it how you will, but live these four years to the fullest, regardless of how well your exams go. Your time here is way too short!

klmillerKelsey Miller is a Senior studying Strategic Communications with a Travel & Tourism specialization, Marketing minor, and Social Media Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @kelseymiller300!

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