5 Reasons I am Thankful I Chose to Attend Ohio University


It is so important to be thankful every single day and to remember the little things that make life great. (And not only when you are faced with a plate full of Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie!) With the holiday right around the corner, I took some time to reflect on why I am so proud to be a Bobcat. The Ohio University campus has so many amazing things to offer that I never have any reason to complain. It’s always humbling to sit back, appreciate the positive things and realize just what it is that makes these four (or more) years spent in Athens so special.

There’s never a boring weekend

Even if you are under the ripe age of 21, Athens offers a variety of fun and inexpensive activities to fill your weekends. You can catch a five-dollar movie at the Athena Grand, or drive to the Fun Barn for a dollar less. If independent movies are your thing, you can usually catch a few interesting titles at the Athena located right on Court Street. The university is always hosting events to keep us Bobcats out of trouble such as discounted ice skating, craft nights and concerts or comedy shows in Memorial Auditorium. There is even a bowling alley on Palmer.

Everything is in walking distance

Literally anything can be found within walking distance at Ohio University. Everything you could ever want can be found on Court Street- from a cute dress for a last minute formal to that textbook you swore you ordered a week ago but apparently didn’t. There are tons of delicious local food options and quirky clothing shops. You can pick up your Halloween costume, check out some vintage finds, and buy a drum set all in the same trip down Court. If you can’t find it uptown, Walmart is about a three-minute drive away. But the fact that Chipotle is literally right across the street from my classes is enough for me.

The Bobcat network is at my fingertips

Ohio University students and alumni are some of the kindest people I have ever met. They are always willing to offer a helping hand or put in a good word for a fellow Bobcat. Networking isn’t really something you have to work for at OU because it is basically a given. The majority of my professors and advisors have been eager to help me out and make sure that I succeed in and out of school. Just from attending Ohio University I am gifted with a vast network of intelligent and successful individuals that once called my campus home.

There are tons of awesome student-orgs

If there is one thing I am most thankful for doing at OU it would have to be getting involved. Ohio University has some of the most amazing student organizations and I am honored to be a part of them. Thread Magazine calls some of the most talented and hardworking students it’s own. Everyone does such a great job of collaborating and the final product never fails to be flawless. Scripps PRSSA has some of the friendliest and most upbeat members. They never fail to be engaged in weekly meetings, and their passion for public relations is immediately obvious. I am lucky enough to call many of these students my friends.

It is filled with amazing people

There is an overall sense of community and belonging at Ohio University. I have never felt judged or left out of anything while I have been in Athens. No matter your size, shape, interests or preferences; you are always welcome on campus. Everyone I have met has been incredibly approachable and accepting. There aren’t any cliques or strict social norms like the ones I have noticed at other schools. Ohio University has a positive atmosphere and a strong sense of Bobcat pride. It doesn’t matter if you are greek, a jock, an artist or a nerd- everyone is friendly to one another.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving breaks and remember to stay humble this holiday season! Leave a reply with your favorite things about school!


Ciara Sebecke is a Junior at Ohio University majoring in strategic communication, minoring in marketing and taking classes towards the social media certificate.You can check out her personal blog or follow her on Twitter at @CiaraSebecke!

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