How Seasons Brand Themselves

It’s no secret that the process of branding yourself is important. Highlighting your skills and showing people who you are and what you have to offer is necessary to be successful. Differentiating yourself is crucial in order to stand out. Every day we brand ourselves through our decisions and choices, the process is really all around us. Mother Nature must have received a Scripps degree in Strategic Communications because the seasons are no exception to knowing how important it is to make a name for yourself- she did it for all four seasons.


Winter: Let’s start with the COOLest season. Winter starts out with a bang with Christmas, no need to fret if you aren’t Christian you can still get in tumblr_luuanqiz8Q1qmwqspo1_250.gifthe holiday spirit! Winter brands itself by being welcoming. Although it’s temperature may drop, there’s no cold shoulders in this holiday. Between gift giving and having company over for the holidays, winter proves that this is the season for giving. Additionally winter holds a special place in many people’s hearts given snow. White ice crystals falling from the sky? Count me in. That’s one thing no other season has!


Spring: When that beautiful snow turns to sleet and what was once white and sparkling is now wet and dreary, all you want is for warm weather to tumblr_muiwno9UP31ry4ljco4_r1_400come again. Spring brands itself as the “new” season. Sure, winter was great but it’s time for flowers and warmth again! You can find this season working hard. It takes a lot of effort to melt all the snow and warm the earth after a cold winter. Sometimes spring will have mood swings and it will go from hot to cold in a matter of days, but stick around and you’ll see why it’s is such a great season.


Summer: This season is all about relaxing. A favorite of most kids, summer can relate to it’s younger demographic given how it prides itself giphy-21.gifon being laid back. Most often vacations are taken this season further proving it’s stereotype of being stress-free. Summer is also popular given the warm weather, long days and relatively sunny periods of time. This allows people to go out more, furthering their list of things they can do. Summer is very active and is social by allowing people to get out more often!


Fall: Finally we have fall. The most “basic” of the seasons, everything we hate to love comes back into our lives: Uggs, flavored lattes and instagram tumblr_nuw9yu5gTx1tg0kfio1_500.gifpictures of changing trees. Also known as the pumpkin season; be sure to check your local grocery store, coffee house or home décor shop to find food, candles or just real pumpkins being advertised. Fall brands itself of being comfortable. The season itself is not too cold, not too hot and we result back to our old favorites (like that big sweatshirt you swore you’d never wear in public again).


Whatever your favorite, if you live in the north you get to experience the season once a year…unless you live in Ohio where you can experience them all in a week. Follow in Mother Nature’s footsteps and start branding yourself! Just as the seasons all stand out from each other, it’s important to show what you can offer that’s more than just resume deep.




Vanessa Copetas is a Sophomore studying Strategic Communications. Follow her on twitter @vanessa_copetas!

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