February 8th Meeting Recap


    • You have till February 12th to become a dues-paying member!
    • Committees: PR and Social Media, Summit, and Social Affairs. Email scrippsprssa@gmail.com for more information about joining!
    • Bateman: Write for their blog: We love our student vets because…  Email Emily Barber if you are interested at eb365312@ohio.edu!
    • PRSSA TSHIRT SALE! We know have Tshirts!! It is $18 and will be open till Wed Feb 24th.
    • Networking trip meeting  tonight 7pm in RTV 281, please come! We will have ride sign ups, talk about dinner, and other important stuff!
    • March 19th is yOUr voice summit! Email scrippsprssa@gmail.com if you are interested in joining our summit committee.
    • 4th annual head shot fundraiser! Head Shot Flier February
    • Make scripps your sweetie, check out the tweet below!

Member Spotlight: Grace Driscoll @gracedriscoll_


ImPRessions Spotlight: Athens Conservancy! Buy a sticker!



Our Speaker: Brie Strickland She does Social Business for Southwest Airlines!

She talked about Southwest’s philosophy: happy employees = happy customers, happy customers = happy shareholders

“hire for attitude, train for skill”

She also talked about their Campus Reach Internship program and the key compentents to the internship!

  • Have fun, get paid
  • Career Development
  • LUV where you work
  • Community Service
  • Freedom to fly

Interested in applying? Next internship hiring: Fall 2016- February- March

Understanding Social Business at Southwest

“We do so much more than tweet”

“We are strategists. our job is to transform Southwest Airlines into a truly social business where social is an indispensable part of the business.”

Some examples of how Southwest Airlines interacts with popular topics and stays relevant.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.36.33 PM.png

Advice: Get as much experience as possible! Even if it seems like it is something silly, do it! Any more questions? Ask Gentry Bennett, a former Southwest intern!

Thanks for coming Brie!

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