DJ Khaled teaching us the keys of Social Media

Let’s start with a fact: social media is a huge part of our everyday lives. For us in public relations, these outlets are necessary for us to be successful. Whether you are trying to get the name of your company out there or promoting a new product, social media is a helpful tool for us aspiring PR gurus. One of the lesser used outlets for marketing is SnapChat. SnapChat consists of 10-second videos/photos and is not as popular as some other social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. However, one musician disagrees.

khaled-snapchat1DJ Khaled, best known for his music and production in many hits in the hip-hop genre, has recently taken to Snapchat to promote himself. DJ Khaled keeps his followers up to date on his daily life, such as eating breakfast, and watering his plants. We are also given the secrets to his “keys to success,” such as having a lot of pillows or using cocoa butter as an alternative for lotion. If the viewer is really lucky, he occasionally documents his “pathway of more success”. Once, DJ Khaled even documented hours where he was lost in the ocean after taking a ride on his jet ski. Although it may not seem like it, DJ Khaled is a public relations wizard who knows the in-and-outs of making a name for yourself.

DJ-khaled-another-one-merch1-e1449689736135Recently, many of his followers have begun using his catch phrases featured in many videos such as “another one” or “bless up”. This is an example of DJ Khaled marketing himself. By repeating his sayings over time, they become associated with him. Also, his out-of-the-ordinary actions, such as drinking Listerine or showing off his statue of a Lion in his garden, are examples of novelty.

Since these events are not very common, his SnapChats are entertaining to the viewers, which makes him gain followers in the process. Overall, viewers get to see an inside look of what musicians do during the day and be slightly entertained by seeing what crazy antics DJ Khaled will get himself into. DJ Khaled’s obsession with SnapChat has helped his name become well known and in a short few months, he was able to change his popularity through a social media outlet. Now, we are constantly reminded of DJ Khaled even when he’s not producing music. Making a name for your product and yourself is a “key to success” in public relations and will help both you and your client become well known.


Photo on 10-20-15 at 3.36 PM #4


Vanessa Copetas is a Sophomore studying Strategic Communications. Follow her on twitter @vanessa_copetas!


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