The Truth Behind Facebook Users

Before reading on, I want you to think about your favorite social media platform. Now, I want you to keep track of the social media sites you use each day, to see how this correlates. Are you on your favorite social media site the most? Are there other platforms you’re using without even thinking about it? If I had my guess, I’d say you’re using Facebook more than you think.

In class or group discussions, everyone jumps to say that no one uses Facebook anymore, or that it’s “dying.” I’m about to prove to you that Facebook is certainly not dying, and is definitely increasing usage, quite possibly without you even noticing it. I’d argue that it’s doing much better than Twitter’s recent performance.

Facebook understands that we’ve been bogged down in the past with Facebook friends that we don’t want to un-friend, but keep seeing their posts on our feed. On top of that, ads were becoming more popular. Now, with Facebook’s algorithm change, it’s much harder for advertisers to break through the noise. They need relevant content aligned with your interests in order to be seen, which is great for the consumer. Additionally, this algorithm allows us to see post mostly from those we engage with, so that we can view the information, pictures and stories that we want to see most.

As stated by Wired, Twitter is at risk of becoming the Bing of social media. Twitter’s financial results are getting sadder, and their share price has been dropping as well. As Twitter increases in popularity, followers and followings begin to increase. Now, users that have been on Twitter for years are facing the trouble of a feed that is just too cluttered. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it extremely frustrating that my feed is continually filled with new tweets every second. It’s hard to keep track of the followers I do want stay in touch with, and sift through for the important or relevant information. In an attempt to fix this common issue and in response to Facebook’s algorithm change, Twitter launched the “what you missed” section, however, it only highlights a small number of tweets.

Facebook is continually coming up with successful ways to engage their users and create a positive experience. From sharing memories when you open your Facebook account each day, to reminding you of birthdays and events, Facebook is allowing itself to stay at the front of your mind. I for one think this is genius. Facebook sits and listens to the complaints of its consumers and continually adapts to create a long lasting, positive experience.
Take my request seriously, and start tracking the social media platforms you’re using the most. I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself. Facebook is used more than you know.




Jess Carnprobst is a Senior studying Strategic Communications with a Marketing Minor, and a Social Media Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @jess_carnprobst!

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