How to Productively Binge Watch Netflix

White noise helps you focus

We have all heard the studies that show white noise will jog our brains; well Netflix can count as white noise. Turn the volume down and Netflix can actually boost your productively rather than hinder it. So do not feel ashamed, open your books, pick a Netflix documentary with a nice monotone narrator and you have just removed a great deal of the pain in studying.


White noise also helps you sleep

White noise has been proven to help insomnia and inducing meditation. It’s the most common method of getting restless babies to get to bed! The same can happen for you, so there is no need to end your Netflix marathon at the end of the night. Just let the fifteen-second gap in between episodes carry on while you dose off. And as a result, you can get a good night sleep, which will evidently boost your productivity for the next day.

Use it to reward yourself  

Struggling to get your self-motivated to get that paper done? Imagine how much more exciting that episode as Orange is the new Black will be when your textbooks are not eyeing you across the room. If you use Netflix as a reward it will actually help you get your work done efficiently.


Watch it at a desk or in a chair, not your bed!

It is definitely hard to resist watching ten episodes when you are nice and cozy in your bed. If you sit at your desk, in a chair or even on the floor with a pillow it will help you decide when it is the right time to stop.

It can boost your energy

When you are feeling drowsy make sure to pick a really funny show like New Girl or American Dad. Studies show that laughter can boost your energy by 10-20%. This will not only boost your mood but it can give you an extra push to finish your day.


Use it to inspire you

It is very hard to watch Scandal and not want to live a successful life like Olivia Pope. If you can get in the right mindset, use your Netflix marathon to inspire you to live your life like Shonda Rhimes directed it!




Savannah is a Freshman studying Strategic Communications. Follow her on Twitter @megglesv25

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