Live Tweeting Best Practices

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The growth in popularity of social media over the past few years has created a trend people like to call “live tweeting.” Through the use of hashtags, pictures, video and now even live feeds, attendees at all types of events are sharing their experiences with the world. Twitter is typically spotlighted as the perfect platform to use for live posting because of its continuous scrolling feed set up and easily searchable content. For this reason, it’s extremely important to learn the proper ways to participate in live Twitter conversations.

Although it may seem like common sense, there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin live tweeting. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Do research prior to the event with relevant hashtags

Before you can begin participating in live conversations, you need to know exactly what you’re tweeting about. Look back through previous posts from similar events or what people are saying about the event in the days leading up to it. Doing this will give you the ability to create relevant content while making sure you’re not being redundant or stating the obvious. This will also help you know exactly which hashtags to use in your posts so others at the event can engage with you.

Tag people when appropriate

If there’s a speaker on the stage and you’re making a comment about their presentation, tag them! Presenters will often go through their mentions and respond to those who tweeted about their session or speech. This is a great way to not only network, but to show you are engaged and interested in what they’re saying. This is also a great way to direct your followers to this person’s profile incase they are interested in your tweets and want to learn more about who the person is and what they do.

If you’re going to quote, be accurate

Going along with tagging people, if you’re going to use their direct quotes, make sure they’re accurate. When tweeting during an event, your audience is going to be far more wide spread than just your immediate followers. Those following the hashtag will see your posts and most likely engage with them. If you are posting inaccurate facts, it may cause confusion, anger or other negative feelings towards the speaker when in reality, they didn’t say the things that you quoted.

Utilize visuals

Studies show that Tweets with visuals (videos, pictures, ect.) garner more engagements. Make sure to snap a picture of the event you’re at and add it to your tweet. People who can’t be at the event love to see live photos, and those who are at the event love to see other attendee’s perspectives. Twitter now has a video feature, so utilizing that as well can add great content into the conversation you’re participating in.

Keep the conversation going afterwards

Just because the event is over doesn’t mean the conversation needs to be! Post follow up tweets, connect with others who were also participating in the live chat and monitor the hashtag even when the event is all said and done. Doing these things shows that you not only attended the event, but you’re interested in staying up to date with what happens afterwards and on into the future.

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Mira is a Senior Studying Strategic Communications with a Business Minor and a Social Media Certificate. Follow her on Twitter @mirakuhar!

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