Netflix and Scream

It’s officially the fall season! And you know what that means? Our favorite TV shows are back on the air! What better time of the year would it be for the return of American Horror Story, Vampire Diaries and Scream Queens?


From vampires, to creepy witches, to maybe just a group of insane doctors… these shows will not leave you hanging. And they come around the absolutely perfect time of the year. When the weather finally breaks, the air gets a bit chillier and the leaves begin to fall… that’s right, it’s almost Halloween! Which is only the best time of the year to cuddle up and creep yourself out with some extra awesome TV shows.

Yeah, it’s not Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus, but unfortunately it’s time to leave those movies in the past and bring on the current TV trends. You can pretty much check out any of these TV shows’ social media accounts for ways to stay in the loop if you missed an episode here or there. Also, you can check out the sites online to watch the actual episodes! Fox, the CW and FX will definitely keep you updated. Netflix is always an option to catch up on either Vampire Diaries or American Horror Story, and check out Hulu for Scream Queens!

Tune in Wednesday’s at 10 p.m. on FX for American Horror Story, Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. on Fox for Scream Queens and and for the final chapter of Vampire Diaries starting Friday’s October 21st at 8 p.m. on the CW!




Meghan O’Dea is a Sophomore Strategic Communication major. Follow her on Twitter @MeghanOdea!


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