October 10th Meeting Recap

It’s already October and Halloween is right around the corner! If you missed the meeting on Monday, here is all you need to know.


PR Boot Camp is coming!

  • October 18th and November 1st in Schoonover 450


  • Join the Scripps PRSSA Team to raise money #FTK at bobcathon.com


  • The theme this year is Opening Up Innovation with Coca-Cola #CarbonatetoInnovate on November 4 from featuring keynote speaker Kent Landers from the Coca-Cola Corporation!

Join a Committee

  • If you’re interested in joining the Innovation Summit Team contact Rosie Haren rh718814@ohio.edu and mark your calendars for November 4.

Paying Dues

  • The deadline for paying dues has been EXTENDED until October 17!
  • PAY YOUR DUES YOU WON’T RAGRET IT (yup meant to put “regret”)

Internship Data Base

  • Contact Emily Barber at eb365312@ohio.edu if you’re interested in contributing to our internship database.
  • Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for internship opportunities through the database!
  • Remember this is for dues paying members ONLY so once again, pay your dues

ImPRessions Update

  • The Copperheads’ Swings and Wings will be held October 25 at Buffalo Wild Wings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Member Spotlight

  • Rosie Haren is the member spotlight this week! Follow her on twitter at @Rosieharen


We hosted our recent graduate panel with four awesome Bobcat Alumni! If you missed it, no worries! Catch up by searching #ScrippsPRSSA on Twitter or watching our Periscope feed! It was an awesome session with Gary Bridgens, Melaina Lewis, Jess Carnprosst and Mira Kuhar.

Gary is a project assistant in APCO Worldwide’s New York office. He works with crisis and litigation communications.


Melaina is a communications specialist for the Food Marketing Institute near Washington, DC.

Melaina Job Graphic.png


Mira Kuhar is an account coordinator at Allied Integrated Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio. She works with entertainment and film marketing campaigns.


Jess Carnprobst is an associate director at CCS Fundraising and works in their Washington, DC office. She works with non-profits.




Here is some of the advice they offered!

– Passions will take you where you want to go

– You can’t be afraid of change. Don’t be intimidated by the unknown of it.

– You have to look at PR in layers when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do.

– Pay those dues! I got all three of my internships through PRSSA.

– There is nothing wrong with following up via email or phone call. Do not forgot about a phone call.

– Don’t undervalue yourself

-There is nothing wrong moving back home and saving some money

-It is totally cool to live with your parents and save some money on rent

-Don’t let moving scare you. Take the jump and say you did it instead of regretting it.

– If you’re going into PR you need to be involved in PRSSA. The skills that I learned in PRSSA are incomparable to anything else. Get involved in something else as well.




This meeting recap is brought to you by Hayden Clark! Hayden is a junior strategic communication major. Follow him on Twitter @HaydenClark81!

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