October 24th Meeting Recap

Happy Week 10! Congratulations to everyone who attended National Conference in Indy. If you missed Monday’s meeting, read this to see what you missed.


Southwest Airlines Internship  (paid)

  • Summer internship based in Dallas, Texas
  • Contact Sam Miller for more information – (740)415-5318 – sm754914@ohio.edu

PRSSA/ImPRessions Stickers are here!

  • Starting this week, our stickers officially go one sale for 3$.

PR Bootcamp

Second session will take place November 1st from 7:00-8:30

  • Press releases and social media
  • If you attended the previous session along with the upcoming session, you will receive a certificate.

Get in the Halloween spirit!

  • Wear your best costume to come carve pumpkins at our annual pumpkin carving contest
  • October 31st at 9:00, located on the Schoonover patio


  • “Opening Up Innovation with Coca Cola” summit will take place on November 4th
  • Registration available on Twitter and must be done by Friday, October 28th
  • $5 for members, $7 for non-dues paying members

Bateman Competition (must be a dues-paying member)

  • Join in on the national case study competition to represent Scripps PRSSA
  • Client: Campaign to Change, Direction: getting rid of mental health stigmas
  • Submit a resume and cover letter by November 1st at 5p.m.
  • Submit to: gb455712@ohio.edu & farkasd@ohio.edu

National Conference

  • Follow @ScrippsPRSSA on twitter to follow the experience of National Conference in Indy
  • Use the hashtags #PRSSANC and #ScrippsPRSSAtoIndy

Impressions Update

  • All tips given at Casa in the month of November are being donated to ACHS!
  • Be sure to attend Swings & Wings October 25th from 6:00-8:00 to support Copperheads

Dads weekend activities:

  • Dads and Donuts (Scripps)
  • Athens Conversancy hike

Member Spotlight

  • Congratulations to Livi Wise for being the member spotlight!
  • Follow her on twitter @liviwise

Resource for Members

  • Discount on Summit

Center for International Studies (listen to tape)


Nicole Spears is the social media manager at Geben located in NYC. She works alongside Geben’s Fortune 50 clients to provide social media strategy, content creation, community management, reporting, and evaluation. Nicole specializes in consumer relations and customer service. She excels in Twiter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as social platforms. She is an alumni from Ohio University and was involved in PRSSA as the president along with ImPRessions. Prior to her job as social media manager, she worked as a media relations practitioner.


Points of Advice:

Three pieces of social media marketing

  1. Creation – creating content (Capturing photos and creating campaign)
  2. Execution – distributing the content publicly (posting campaign live)
  3. Evaluation – what worked? What didn’t work? What were the results?

Connecting social media and earned media efforts

  1. Build complementary efforts into company culture
  2. Remain a marketing generalist (be versatile)
  3. Use social media to reach target outlets (use social media to make connections)
  4. Educate your client and seek out new internal contacts
  5. Don’t settle – use success to promote yourself and your organization

Where to start

  1. Pro bono – seek out volunteer or non-profit opportunities
  2. Bateman case study competition (offered at Ohio University)
  3. Internships – offer to help even if it is outside of your role
  4. Personal branding – make a good first impression

What to practice

  1. Measurement tools — free ones work, use subscriptions + trials when possible
  2. Googly analytics – get your certificate over break
  3. Paid social campaigns – rare but good experience to gain before graduation
  4. Writing copy – adapt to different brand voices and pay attention to trending topics
  5. Photo + video – visuals always outperform

See you all at next weeks meeting!


This week’s meeting recap is brought to you by Hannah Browsky! She’s a strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @HannahBrowsky.

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