October 17th Meeting Recap

Happy Week 9! If exams and the OU plague caused you to miss Monday’s meeting, read this to see what you missed.


Ohio One-Year MBA Program

  • If you are interested in getting your MBA and learning about how the business side of PR works, Ohio University has a program for you!
  • Learn more at business.ohio.edu/ohiomba

Stickers are coming!

  • Starting next week you can represent your favorite student organizations by purchasing PRSSA and ImPRessions stickers for only $3!

PR Bootcamp

  • The first session is Tuesday, October 18th from 7-8:30
  • The second meeting will take place November 1st


  • Join the Scripps PRSSA Team #FTK
  • Learn more at bobcathon.com


  • Our “Opening up Innovation with Coca Cola” summit will take place on November 4th
  • Registration is available on Twitter

You better have paid those dues!!

  • The absolute last day to pay dues was Monday
  • Contact Sammie if you have a problem

It’s time for National Conference!

  • National Conference starts on Thursday!
  • Follow along with #PRSSANC and #ScrippsPRSSAtoIndy (it’s gonna be LIT)

ImPRessions Update

  • All tips at Casa Nueva in November will be going to the Athens County Humane Society
  • Swings and Wings for the Copperheads is coming up on October 25th from 6-8
  • Dads Weekend Activities!
    • Dads and Donuts with the Scripps account
    • Athens Conservancy hike

Member Spotlight

  • Congratulations to our member spotlight, Meghan O’Dea! Follow her on Twitter @meghanodea

Resource for Members

  • The Eboard! They have their positions for a reason, so don’t be afraid to pick their brains.


Erica Noble is the EVP Group Head at Edelman in Cincinnati. She works with a variety of industries including retail, aerospace, health and finance. Her client work ranges from leading global corporate communications to managing large scale crisis issues. As the group head, she runs a team of 10 people who must map out and meet revenue targets each year.

Points of Advice:

  • Be a good listener! We often place more emphasis on external communication, but it is so important to sit back and really hear what your client is saying about their challenges.
  • The best interns are the ones who ask the smart questions. To do that, you must be a good listener.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to travel in a global firm like Edelman. It’s helpful to have that kind of diversity and cross pollinate with other firms.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • The most memorable project will always be the most challenging. This gives you the chance to learn a lot.
  • When the time comes that you aren’t learning much anymore, it’s time to think about the next opportunity.
  • You must be able to communicate the bottom line to your clients. How do you translate what you have achieved?
  • Make sure you can articulate your client’s story on social media.
  • During your interview, ask what the current intern is doing and how much of that work will translate to you. This will give you an idea of how much hands-on work you will actually be doing.

Until next time fellow PRos!




This meeting recap is brought to you by Brigitte Meisse! She is a Communications Studies and Strategic Communication double major. Follow her on Twitter @Meisse2Spicy!

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