The Glorification of Busy

“I’m a Scripps kid. I thrive when I’m busy.” How many times a day do you say/hear this? Too often do we over-glorify busy. I find myself unconsciously competing with friends about who’s week is fullest. I buy coffee mugs that say “I’m busy” and text too many people, “ugh sorry I’m busy.” A sentence in my cover letter even reads, “I thrive when I am busy managing several projects in a fast-paced environment.” Productivity is necessary for success, but when did overworking become so popular?

I don’t know about any of you, but this semester is taking a toll on my physical, mental and spiritual health. My distress is a direct result of complete and utter overbooking. Waking up early to do homework, attending class all morning, working all afternoon and in meetings all night. Where does the personal time fit in?


Sure I was staying up to watch Netflix at night, and I told myself that was enough self-care. But, friends, that doesn’t cut it. We work so hard! We deserve more. Take a mental time out to journal every morning. Try out a new class at Ping. Get outside! Learn to cook a new meal. Write for yourself. Exercise your creativity in new ways. Whatever you do, make sure it’s with only the best intentions.

Take it one step further—be present in those moments. Instead of making mental lists on the treadmill, pop in your headphones and run to a new beat. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

All of this is much easier said than done. I’m on a journey to find the perfect balance. I’m not sure if one even exists, but I feel better with each step I take. Sometimes it pains me to peel away from the project and out to the gym, but once I’m there, I’m so grateful for that time of peace.

I encourage you to work toward this balance as well. If you want a workout buddy, coffee date, or need that extra push from someone to stop working, reach out to me. So, take on the rest of the semester with this attitude. Taking time to do NOTHING can bring EVERYTHING into perspective.




Taylor Dilley is a junior strategic communication major. She is also VP of Social media for Scripps PRSSA! Follow her on Twitter @Taylor_Dilley.


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