How to Learn Social Media Analytics in Four Weeks

You can easily learn social media analytics in just a month. Whether it’s part of your five-year plan, New Year’s resolution or just something to do over a break from school, social media analytics skills beef up your resume! The ability to analyze data is easier than you think. Here are four steps to start your journey!

  1. Start by signing up for free trials or analyzing your personal social media for free

Finding out how many impressions your personal Twitter account garners every month is as easy as typing “” into your browser. Sign up and see how much your account can do! YouTube is a great resource for figuring out how to use any analytics platform, but I’ve picked out this one for Twitter analytics specifically:

  1. Dive a little deeper by getting a certification

Love analytics and want to show it off? Check out certificate programs like Google Analytics and Hubspot for a quick and fun way to show off your learning. After passing a few tests, you’ll get a badge for your LinkedIn page and a full page certificate. Make sure you add it to your resume!


  1. Try and analyze a company’s social media

Now, think of your favorite brand. How are they performing against their competitor? You can’t necessarily deep dive (unless you happen to have their password!), but you can look at their activity to see how they are doing. How does this compare to when you analyzed your personal social media?

The biggest lesson here is to think about how much you enjoyed this. Could you do it as a career? If so, look into internships in social media & analysis!

  1. Make a plan for your future with social media analytics

If you didn’t finish your certificate program, or if you want to nail that social media internship- make a plan! Plans are vital. Time everything out and make sure that you can stick to it (of course there will be a few bumps along the way).


Overall, social media analytics fluency is just four weeks away! Follow these four steps for a guide on how to start your journey to a potential future career.

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Gentry Bennett is a senior strategic communication major. She is also the President of Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter @Gen_andTonic!

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