Building Your Personal Brand: A Winter Break To-Do

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Finals are over, stress has decreased and you can unwind with family and friends in the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to take some time and focus on yourself. What do you want to accomplish this coming spring? You may already have a list of tasks and responsibilities to focus on during the break away from classes, but one thing all pre-professionals and professionals must do is work on their personal brand.

What is a personal brand? Even if you aren’t sure what this is, you most likely have already cultivated one for yourself. Personal branding is establishing how you would like an audience to perceive you and how you want to market your skills, passions and talents to that audience. The brand should always be authentic and represent your true character. Personal branding plays a major role in our social media following and online presence. It is important because it allows you to manage your reputation, engage people with your personality, and let the world know who you are. As long as you keep a consistent voice on your social networks, you are on the way to creating a successful brand for yourself.

Whether or not you have already established a personal brand, here are some tips to enhance what you have online so far, or begin the journey of personal branding!

Write down your passions and interests

The more detailed interests the better. These may set you apart from many other people with an online presence. Try to establish what you want people to think of when they see your name online. Maybe there is a certain skill you are proficient in or an area of expertise you wish to promote.

Decide which of your social media platforms need revising to match your passions or create new platforms

A professional way to get people involved and focus in on your personal brand is to create your own website. It may seem intimidating, but start with something simple just to get your name out there. Options such as Wix and WordPress allow you to create a website free of charge! A website is an organized way to link your social media networks and upload portfolio pieces.

Get strategic

Do you think your social platform posts are creating the brand you want to be perceived? If you aren’t getting the responses you’d hope for, get creative and tweak your posts. Try changing up the language, tone, add humor etc. until you find a method that starts creating positive responses and attention.

Connect with other’s personal brands

It can enhance your brand to collaborate with other people who share the same interests and goals as yourself. You can gain insight and creative ideas by simply talking with others who focus on their personal brand. See how other people are doing things and try implementing their techniques into your online platforms.



Rachel O’Morrow is a sophomore studying Strategic Communication. Follow her on Twitter @rachel_omorrow!

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