Sibs Weekend Recap

This past weekend Ohio University offered a wonderful opportunity for siblings of students to come to campus and partake in fun activities, but even more importantly to visit with family.


The dates of sibs weekend are released months in advance making it one of the most hyped events on campus every year. The university scheduled many events to ensure visitors had nothing short of a memorable time.

Bird Arena, home of the Ohio University hockey team, was packed Friday night. Tickets were $6 for students and $8 for others. Bobcats won 9-0 and swept the Pittsburgh Panthers!

Following the hockey game on Saturday, “Midnight Meltdown” was held for a recreational skate session. Siblings had the chance to hit the ice late at night!

Ohio University’s men and women’s basketball teams both played this past weekend as well. Admission was free for students as usual, with guest tickets sold at $5. The women defeated Toledo and the men finished ahead of Akron who was previously undefeated in the MAC, with Jaaron Simmons scoring a whopping 38 points. Go Bobcats!

If you’re not so into sports, Friday night included the Black Student Cultural Programming Board’s (BSCPD) annual show shedding light on performances from campus artistic groups. The 2nd annual Harry Potter marathon was also held Saturday from noon to 11:30 p.m.

On Saturday, Baker Ballroom held a “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” event, which consisted of a free movie screening and free chocolate!

A female acapella group, formed by OU’s women ensemble members, performed for free on Saturday. A fashion show was also held this day by modeling organization, FACES.

Students and siblings interested in outdoor activities and brave enough to face the cold, visited Conkle’s Hollow in Hocking Hills on Saturday and Sunday for a hike. Zip lining was offered in addition to hiking.

Ohio University was definitely bustling this past Sibs Weekend! The tradition lives on as alumni with siblings currently attending the university shed a tear while taking a nostalgia tour down Court Street. One thing that can be said, without a doubt, is that Sibs Weekend will always be one of the most anticipated events of the year.




Meghan O’Dea is a sophomore strategic communication major. Follow her on Twitter @MeghanOdea!



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