COPRSA Q&A March Recap


1010085_10151865232991513_1528987196_nIn March, Scripps PRSSA started accepting questions for the Central Ohio PRSA chapter! Members submitted questions to our outgoing VP of External Relations, Emily Barber, and their questions were answered by our COPRSA liaison, Colleen O’Morrow. Here is a recap of advice from March that Colleen provided for all of you.

Scripps PRSSA: We just had elections – what advice do you have for new executive board members to succeed?

CO:  Try to think outside the box.

Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for growth and innovation. Channel other members (no matter their position) for ideas. A connected and aligned PRSSA chapter is the best kind!

Think about your members and put yourself in their shoes.

How can you help your members? In this new role, you are a student leader. A big part of this is working for your chapter to give members a great experience. Consider surveys or other methods to understand the ideas and issues some members may have. Let them know you care about their success!

Take time for yourself!

PR students are commonly known for balancing a lot of activities. This new role will take up more of your time, but make sure you take time to relax and focus on yourself. The happier you are, the more likely you can successfully lead.”


Scripps PRSSA: Do you have any advice for an incoming Chapter President? Is there anything we should be doing next year to improve?

CO: “Connect with other university chapters to get perspective on how their new president is handling leadership and bounce ideas off of eachother. Like mentioned for all new leadership, think about how you can help your members. Put yourself in their shoes and get feedback. Another great step is analyzing the current processes within your chapter. What currently works? What doesn’t? Look for ways to innovate.

You have a very strong chapter at Scripps PRSSA – Everyone there should be proud! Keep up the good work. Continue to stay connected with Central Ohio PRSA (via yours truly or other connections) and look for ways to involve the Scripps chapter. I know it’s difficult with distance, but the relationship is the most important thing.”


Scripps PRSSA: How did you get involved with PRSA after graduation and how has that impacted your personal and professional career?

CO: “I joined PRSA immediately after I graduated. I was always involved in PRSSA in college, so the transition was pretty easy. I also worked at a PR agency at the time, so many of my coworkers were involved in PRSA. Try to find mentors or connections that can help you with the membership process and chapter introduction! This is extremely helpful when joining a large group. PRSA has greatly impacted my career because of the professional connections. In my first job transition as a professional, I was able to use PRSA connections as professional references…and I got the job at an international fashion brand! You have a unique opportunity to share your talent with professionals outside of your daily job. This is one of the many reasons why PRSA is so great!”


Scripps PRSSA: Do you find that agencies in Central Ohio tend to compete heavily or work together? And is any rivalry between agencies ever a challenge for young professionals looking for a job?

CO: What’s great about the Central Ohio area is that we have an abundance of PR and marketing agencies, but many have a niche approach. Basically, these agencies all have a differentiating factor. One may focus on national media exposure via brand journalism, while another focuses on innovative social media tactics. As a professional looking to work in Central Ohio, use any connections for insight into how agencies are different. Learn what agencies specialize in (whether the style of PR or type of clients) and strategically choose from there! Some solid website vetting is also great for research. Central Ohio is a great place to find PR jobs – Whether it’s at one of the many agencies here or a major brand, as Central Ohio is a headquarters for many large companies.”


Scripps PRSSA: What are the pros and cons of a post-grad internship vs. a job?

CO: “It really depends on what you’re looking for as a professional! The pro of having an internship while in school is that you have more time to experiment. The stakes are less if the internship doesn’t pay well. But if you graduate and you’re looking for some more guidance into what you want to do, a post-grad internship can be a great learning experience and buffer period before you jump into a full-time job.

The pro of jumping into a job after graduation is higher pay, more job stability and more responsibility.

It really depends on the career path you’re looking into, but my personal recommendation is to get internship experience while in school so you can jump into a full-time job after graduation. Sometimes internships turn into job opportunities! Completing these while in school can shorten your job search after graduation. My undergrad internship turned into my first full-time job! I was hired before I graduated.”


Extra Advice/Announcements:

  • Don’t forget about PRSSA National benefits! Click here to learn more.
  • The deadline for  PaRtners Conference closed March 31.


Thank you, Colleen for the amazing advice. This is valuable information for all of our members.

Do you have any more questions? Send them to our new VP of External Relations, Sadie Newman, by sending an email to or to be featured in our April update!

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