Senior Farewell-Erica Stonehill

Senior year is full of uncertainty. For the first time in my 21 years of life, I have no plan. The only thing I’m sure of is Athens will kick me out in a few weeks, whether I’m ready or not…and I promise I won’t be ready. But as I slowly lose my mind each day the G-word creeps closer, I try to remind myself of all I’ve found over the past four years that makes leaving this little corner of heaven so difficult.

I found a friend and a fellow strategic communication major at orientation. I thought she had a cool name and hoped we’d have a few classes together. Today, we’re serving as Scripps PRSSA President and Executive Vice President.

I found a clown and a confidant on an ImPRessions account. She started each meeting with a new pun and always talked about cheese. Today, she still loves puns, is allergic to cheese and is a fearless inspiration as she takes on the world.

I found a non-biological twin at a Ping social. Turns out she was also in PRSSA and had creeped on my Facebook to find we loved the same bands. Three years later, we went to SXSW together and fangirled over music and our dreams of working in the entertainment industry. Today, she’s living that dream.

I found the courage to lead in my first executive board. Coming in mid-year as the youngest member of the board, I was intimidated and unsure I was cut out for a leadership role. Today, I serve on two leadership teams and have programmed 24 chapter meetings and planned a 12-hour dance marathon.

I found my passion for social media in my second executive board. I fell in love with the fast pace, changing landscape and innovation of digital media. Today, I manage two university departments’ accounts and created an Ohio University Communication Award-winning social media campaign.  thumbnail_12066030_10206688407840427_4480262943583490668_n

I found my place at Ohio University in Scripps PRSSA. I may be driving blind for the time being, but I have no doubt the experiences and the people of this organization have prepared me for what lies ahead. Thank you to each and every person who has been a part of my journey, and to those who have allowed me to be a part of theirs. My heart will be forever full of PRide.

Signing off,

Erica Stonehill


Erica Stonehill is a senior strategic communication major and our outgoing Executive Vice President. We will miss her deeply when she graduates in a few short weeks. Follow her future adventures on Twitter @estonehill13. 

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