Welcome to Scripps PRSSA

I sat alone in the back of Alden 319 for my first Scripps PRSSA meeting. A belly full of butterflies and a mind full of anticipation, I soaked up every last word from the executive board and Aaron Brown. It is difficult to fathom that was three years ago. On that September day, I was inspired to make the most of my PRSSA experience. And now, I’m here to help you do the same.

Being part of PRSSA is as simple as attending meetings on Monday nights, but to reap all that the organization has to offer, go above and beyond. Paying dues can seem pricey to a student, but it’s an investment in your future. Paying PRSSA National Dues allows you to access the internship and job database, get discounted conference rates, apply for scholarships, receive the bi-weekly external update, earn first pick at networking trips, run for executive positions and much more.

As a member of Scripps PRSSA, you learn about each of these benefits alongside mentors and friends. This year, we are focusing on strengthening the ties within our Chapter. The professional events are certainly helpful, but the social events bring us together. PRSSA friends become mentors, support systems and biggest fans. We learn and grow alongside one another.

You each possess unique gifts and abilities. Our Chapter needs your meaningful contributions. Together we will further strengthen our award-winning Chapter of PRSSA. When this year is complete, we will look back on it and know with certainty that we grew the Chapter and inspired our members to become the very best PRSSA professionals possible.

Current members, think back to your earliest Monday nights and welcome our newest members with enthusiasm. New members, do not be afraid to speak up. We are here to support you in this exciting journey. I am eager to start this new school year and am filled with anticipation to meet our newest Scripps PRSSA members.

See you in Athens!

Taylor Dilley

Chapter President


Taylor Dilley is a senior strategic communication major and the new Scripps PRSSA Chapter President. Give her a follow on Twitter @taylor_dilley and be sure to reach out to her if you have any questions. 

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