Oct. 2 Meeting Recap


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Member Spotlight: Mishalaina Coles @mishalainac

Welcome Jeff Donaldson, EVP and Director of Account Managment at Elias/Savion Advertising!



Key Points:

There are many benefits to working in a small company because you get to know everyone and there is a strong team-like culture.

When you have a job that you get up in the morning and energizes you, it’s not work.
Everything we do, it’s about telling good stories.

Finding what’s right for you → Look inside yourself and your interests will change over time.

A career is a marathon rather than a sprint.

Get an internship and build your network.

Five tips

  1. Know yourself
  2. Build a network
  3. Be ready to sacrifice
  4. It’s about storytelling
  5. Build trust and confidence

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