Oct. 6 Meeting Recap


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Pumpkin Carving Social will be on October 18 with Ad Club and 1804 Communication.

It’s not too late to sign up for the chapter mentor/mentee program! Find the sign up in Alyssa’s emails.

Member spotlight: all the members at National Conference in Boston! Way to go guys!

Welcome our recent grads, Gentry Bennett (Dolby Laboratories), Erica Stonehill (Main Street Hub), Libby Bradford (PR 20/20), Rosie Haren (Falgren Mortine)


Key Points:

 Things learned in OU classes that are now used in jobs: creative thinking, strategy, effective communication, research

Get experience anywhere you can—class, jobs, internships, etc.

Job search advice: reach out and make connections, be proud of your friends during the process, it’s never too soon to apply for jobs or internships, pick on thing you won’t give up (ex: location), get out of your home state for a new experience and trust the process!

Don’t compare your successes to anyone else. Everyone has a different transition.

You’re never going to like your job if you don’t like your life outside of it! Work/life balance is something you can be prepared for but never fully prepared for.

When moving out of state, use Facebook to look for apartment subleases. Some states have apartment retailors, if you’re moving somewhere that has them, take advantage!

Get a credit card and get credit!! It is such an adult thing that you should start early



This meeting recap was brought to you by Natalie Butko. A special thank you also goes out to Natalie for holding down the fort while many of our members were at National Conference. Give her a follow on Twitter @chatty_natty

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