What We can Learn About PR From the Pilgrims


November, a wonderful time to be thankful and reflect on our history as a nation. Specifically the history of the Pilgrims and Native Americans, which is why on the second to last Thursday of November every year we stuff our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. This year I am thankful for more than just a history lesson from the Pilgrims, I am also thankful for all the lessons they provided us about the public relations field, because if you think about it they clearly had some awesome public relations Pilgrim on their team to make us believe after all this time that Thanksgiving is about the Native Americans and Pilgrims coming together and not about them betraying the Native Americans for their corn.

Experience New Things

Our fearless ancestors set out on the Mayflower to an unknown world, standing up for what they believed in. They left their homes and comfort zone for a new and scary place. The takeaway from this is to never stop experiencing new things, put yourself out there and volunteer for a task you maybe aren’t a pro at yet. Develop new skills and gain more experience along the way. Expanding your knowledge base will open new doors full of opportunities you never even believed existed.


Without the Native Americans, the Pilgrims would not have survived the winter just like without networking, it is very unlikely you will survive in the job hunting process. Networking with experienced professionals gives you an advantage when looking for jobs or internships, so start networking now because before you know it, our current seniors are going to be experienced professionals that can help you when you are a senior. Like the Pilgrims, don’t be afraid to ask for help, one of the people in your network might just save your life.

Ask Questions

I like to believe that if we were there when the Native Americans were teaching the Pilgrims how to grow corn and hunt turkey we would see a bunch of Pilgrim hands shoot up in the air, asking a million different questions about how to grow the perfect cob of corn. Just like them we must ask questions, because if we don’t then how will we ever know the answer? Asking questions shows employers and professors you are engaged and willing to learn, great qualities for any future or current employee.

Be passionate

Passion is the key to life, without passion for their right to religious freedom the Pilgrims would never have come and settled in America. As a young professional find what drives you and feed off that. If you don’t believe in what you are doing chances are your audience won’t either.



Annie Nowak is a junior strategic communication major. Give her a follow on Twitter @annie_nowak.

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