A PR Pro’s Holiday Wish-List


The season of giving is upon us, which also means the season of getting is upon us. Many of us will be using this time of year to create a list of wishes that we will disperse amongst family and friends. I encourage you to be a “Strategic Wishlister.” This season is an opportunity to gather some essential things that will help you imPRess in the new year!


1. A Plane Ticket

You may be wondering, “A plane ticket? To where?” To your FUTURE of course! As the internship and job search season heats up in January, some opportunities will require a face-to-face interview. Here in Scripps PRSSA, we have a prOUd tradition of sending our members across the country to some amazing internships and jobs. Get ahead of the curve and ask for someone to cover your flight cost if you successfully land an interview that requires travel!

Check out Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar Here


Check out the Hopper app, and get notified when flight prices drop!

2. A Business Casual Wardrobe

This one is more straightforward, but so important. Nothing is more frustrating than landing an interview or having an upcoming event and realizing you do not have the right attire. Find out what you want and need, then strategically spread those items out among your family and friends. After the gift opening is over, assemble those new ensembles and you can start the new year dressed as your best self!

Read, “The Best Business Casual Dressing Guide You’ll Ever Read” (Men)


Read, “Dress Coding: By Lauren Conrad” (Women) 

3. A Padfolio

cade3When going to a professional conference, career fair, job interview, touring a company, or entering an internship or job, these are a must! These are the perfect way to store copies of your resume, cover letters, business cards, notebooks, portfolio work, writing utensils, or many other items. Whatever you bring with you to these formal settings should look as professional as you do. One more tip for picking out a padfolio is to avoid logos.

Discount Mugs sells Padfolios for under $10!


Look at this list of 10 Padfolios to find the right fit for you!

4. A Domain Name

If you are working toward a career in PR, and if you are a Scripps Kid, you have undoubtedly accumulated some portfolio work. Many of your portfolio pieces are probably on the island of misfit files somewhere in your computer. Rescue all that work and start your own website! If you really want to distinguish yourself from the competition, own a personalized domain name! Not only will this improve the SEO for your name, but you will add credibility to your portfolio and personal brand in the eyes of prospective employers.

Google offers domains for $12/year!


Wix offers domains for $15/year! 

5. An Inspiring Book


When a year comes to an end, you may feel discontent about whatever successes or failures you experienced during the past 12 months. Refueling with an inspiring book is great for your mental health and self-care as the Earth prepares to take another lap around the Sun. A successful person never stops learning!


Look at this list Refinery29 made of popular inspirational books! 

6. A Tech Upgrade

In this fast-paced world, it is important to keep up with those around you! Is your computer outdated? Is your phone out of storage space? Is your camera nonexistent? There are so many technological tools available; find them. How about a new laptop, cloud storage space, a quality camera, an aux cord, or even a flashy watch? Anything that will add value to your life is a great option. Technology is a broad category, and can be expensive, and that is why it is being grouped as one idea here. You may not be able to get all of it, but what is the harm in putting them all on that wish-list?


Hopefully you now understand how to be a, “Strategic Wishlister” during this holiday season. With these tips, tricks, and ideas you can truly begin a new year ready to imPRess!




This advice brought to you by Cade Fleming, a sophomore Strategic Communication major. Follow him on Twitter @cade_fleming.

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