Nov. 27 Meeting Recap


Our annual holiday social will be on Dec. 8 at 26 Fern St. Wear your ugly sweaters!

Upcoming networking trips: Charlotte and Columbus

Member spotlight: Haley Bender @Haley_Nicole48



Tonight we welcomed Chuck Borghese, advertising professional and professor here at the Scripps School of Journalism.



Advice on Resumes:

  • Make It Professional – Don’t overdo your color
  • Objective – He likes knowing what you want for an early career
  • Summary – Who are you? What are your strengths? Make them fast bullet points under your objective
  • Not just job listings… What did you actually do? – What is the most important and go down from there
  • Did you move the needle – Knowing is good, caring is better; How did something work?
  • What else do you do? – Have you written a novel? Are you in a band?
  • Organizations – How are they real world relevant?
  • Course Work/Real Work – For example, capstone work is real work
  • Design – Simple and tasteful
  • If there is an odd job that you find to be extremely important, add it. It has the potential to show your work ethic.


Advice on Portfolios:

  • Everyone needs a portfolio in this field!
  • Show lots of writing
  • Feature multi-platform campaigns
  • You must be media agnostic
  • 12 ideas, maybe 15 if they are great
  • What was the strategy of the work? Show how you interpret it into an idea
  • If it’s real, how did it do?
  • Edit brutally
  • Have one physical copy – it’s nice to leave them in an interview
  • Squarespace is a great platform to use – organize tabs by campaign


Interviewing Mistakes:

  • Make eye contact!!!
  • Ask Questions!!!!
  • #1 mistake – not having any research on the company
  • Too much rehearsing is bad

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