March 19 Meeting Recap


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Outstanding graduate competition winner: Erin McMahon

Member spotlight: Hannah Pridemore

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This week we welcomed Jarrett Dunbar PR Lead at Nationwide.


Key points:

  • Jarrett graduated with a broadcast journalism degree and had no PR training.
  • Corporate allows you to use the resource of a fortune 100 company to do good in the community.
  • You can do a lot of good by yourself, but you can reach unimaginable goals when you partner with others.
  • Case study- Dale and Amy Earnhardt Fund:
    • Dale has been with Nationwide since he was 16 years old and Nationwide Children’s Hospital is the prime beneficiary from Nationwide.
    • The Nationwide team introduced Dale to the hospital when they announced their partnership and they created the patient champion program. This gives the sick children a chance to meet him and go to races.
    • Nationwide named room after Dale and Amy and had patient champion press conference.
    • There is now a Dale and Amy Earnhardt Fund that allows them to continue working with hospital even though he is retired.
    • Events like these generate massive media coverage and also do good.
  • You have to find a passion that keeps you coming to work each day.

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