Getting in an Athens State of Mind

Monday marks the beginning of one of the most wonderful weeks of Fall Semester here at Ohio University: Homecoming Week. Whether it’s your first or last Homecoming as a student, it’s a wonderful time to be a Bobcat. All around campus you’ll start seeing even more green and white than you normally do. That comes in the form of decorations, free homecoming swag at the Yell Like Hell Pep Rally, and in the form of spirit wear worn by the hundreds of alumni that start to arrive on campus for the festivities.


This year will be my last Homecoming as a student and it has me reflecting on what a homecoming really is. Merriam Webster defines homecoming as, “the return of a group of people usually on a special occasion to a place formerly frequented or regarded as home.” Even if it’s only your first year, I’m sure by this point in the semester you or someone you know has referred to OU as home. It can easily transform from something you say in passing, or by accident, to a feeling that this campus and the people here are your home away from home.

The theme for Homecoming this year is Athens State of Mind and reminds current Bobcats and alumni that there really is no place like Athens. That this place, the people you meet when you’re here and the time you spend here leave a mark on you. Hopefully, like so many of the alumni you’ll see and meet this weekend, you’ll be drawn back here year after year to get together with your college friends, say hi to your old professors and reminisce about all the amazing memories you made here.

Homecoming Week is also a great opportunity to network and meet some of these alumni and I encourage you to attend any events held for alumni and students from your school or college. We’re also really excited to be hosting a Family Reunion on Saturday morning before the Homecoming Parade to welcome back some of Scripps PRSSA’s own alumni. Join us at 7 a.m. at 125 N Congress St. for breakfast and to catch up with some past members before we all head to the parade which starts at 10 a.m.

Have a wonderful Homecoming Week Bobcats!




Kate Ansel is a senior Journalism – Strategic Communication major and you can follow her on Twitter @kate_ansel19.

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