Being Yourself in the PR Field

As a freshman walking into my first PRSSA meeting, I have to admit, I was overwhelmed. There were so many people in this organization, and I could clearly tell I did not fit in. I was not dressed in business causal clothing, nor did I look like I had my life together at all. I had this idea in my head that if I wanted to be successful in this group, I was going to have to change who I was. It was a scary thought for me to have to conform into something I knew I was not. However, I was very wrong.


Luckily, I had an amazing mentor who influenced me greatly. She was great. I went to her in the spring, and I told her I wanted to quit PRSSA. She was shocked, which of course she would be, she loved the organization. I told her how much I was struggling with fitting in and how I felt that I did not belong in the group or possibly the public relations field. She gave me some advice that really got me thinking. Talking to her was the smartest thing I could have done for myself.

How someone dresses or how someone acts does not define if he/she is going to be great in the field they choose to work in. If you yourself feel like I did my freshman year than think about these few concepts.

If you have a different personality, style, or anything, then you have something more special than everyone else. Your ideas and contributions will stick out more to your bosses or supervisors. Growing up, we learn being different is a bad thing, but it is not! Being different gives a person a heads up on everyone else.

You are special.

You will have new ideas that no one else does. Your work will stand out! Strive to be different, and never be afraid to be yourself.



Mallory Jones is a sophomore majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism and Marketing with a Museums Studies certificate. Catch her on Twitter @mj_littleone

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