Personal Branding 101

Submitting application after application, knowing there are numerous other candidates in the pool. A cloud of doubt can linger over our head, causing us to question if we’re ‘good enough’, or causing us to wonder if the employer will recognize the unique skills we have to offer their organization.

As we all know, the communication and marketing industry is saturated with competition. Students across the country are competing for the same opportunities in the realm of internships and jobs.

you are your own brandPersonal branding. Have you heard of it? This is a strategic way to differentiate yourself among other applicants and employers as you navigate through your career path. Personal branding is how you position yourself in order to attract opportunities that enhance your professional, and ultimately, your personal life. It’s who you are and what you love to do presented for the world to see.

Below are five tips you can apply right now to build and amplify your personal brand. It’s important to note that your brand needs to represent your true and authentic self while keeping things professional.

  1. Content is key. Filter through your social media, such as your Twitter feed, and clean up posts that don’t accurately portray the image you desire. Retweets and likes still apply here, so don’t overlook them. After this step, think about the type of content that can support your brand and the type of conversations you can begin to have on your social media platforms.
  2. Start a blog to showcase one of your passions, professional or personal. For a period of time I created content for my own fitness blog that also supported an on-campus publication. You’d be surprised how many employers asked about my blog during interviews and in casual conversations, which helped me build a more definitive representation of myself.
  3. Network with individuals and find out their hobbies and passions. If you’re speaking with a professional or another student and they mention a hobby or career interest you also have, speak up! Let them know that you also enjoy the same thing and talk about your experiences together. This will connect you to another in a personalized manner.Oli-Blog-2
  4. Build an online portfolio. To me, an online portfolio is basically an extension of your resume that is readily available 24/7. This increases your visibility to employers and can be the home base of your brand.
  5. Invest in continuing to build your skillsets. Yes, we pay a ton of money to attend college, but don’t stop here! To stand out, seek outside opportunities away from the norm of university curriculum. For example, get certified in Google Analytics, Hubspot, Google AdWords, etc., all of which are free.

Building your personal brand is a continuous duty as you grow and your experiences change. I hope these tips will help you leave a positive, memorable impression with people and push you to become more confident than ever in who you are and what you have to offer!

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Rachel O’Morrow is a senior studying strategic communication. She is also the Managing Director of 1804 Communication. Keep up with her on Twitter @rachel_omorrow.

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