January 28 – Internship Panel

Scripps PRSSA was more than pleased to welcome four OHIO students to speak on this year’s Internship Panel. They have an array of experiences and during their time with the Chapter they shared their story and advice for all things interning!

The Panel:

Emily O’Flynn

Emily O'Flynn

Senior studying strategic communication major with specializations in marketing and media. After her freshman year, Emily worked at a media production company in Blue Ash, OH as a client services intern. Her second internship was at an architecture, engineering and geospatial firm in Dayton, OH called Woolpert. After working in southwest Ohio for two summers, she decided to venture to New York City where she worked as a client services intern at BuzzFeed. Emily also serves as the VP of External Relations on Scripps PRSSA’s eboard, so if you’re a dues-paying member she sends out a weekly email of internship and job opportunities. In her free time, Emily enjoys editing cover letters and resumes, so let her know if you need help!

Alyssa Murtagh

Alyssa Murtagh

Senior studying journalism strategic communication major with a social media certificate and a women’s, gender and sexuality studies specialization. She currently serves as vice president of career services on PRSSA National Committee and was vice president of member services for Scripps PRSSA last year. When she isn’t focusing on PRSSA, you can find her working in the Career and Leadership Development Center or giving a tour around campus. During her time at OHIO, she has interned at Moon Community Access Television, Fusion 360 Agency and Fahlgren Mortine. These internships have taken her from her hometown of Pittsburgh to Salt Lake City to Columbus.

Mishalaina Coles

Mishalaina Coles

Senior studying strategic communication major. She’s been a part of numerous clubs including Spoon University, Thread Magazine, 1804 Communication, working for Learning Communities Program and of course PRSSA. Currently she is a Creative Head for 1804 Communication, working on the Scripps account and just finished her position as Director of Communication for her sorority. She also spent her summer interning at Visit Pittsburgh.

Mallory Golski

Mallory Golski

Senior strategic communication major who’s passionate about photography, videography, food, travel, puns, books, and the word “yes”–she’s rappelled down a 5-story building, had her palms read by a stranger, and made pizzas in a high school cafeteria, all in search of a story. Mallory interned as the student videographer for Ohio University’s Advancement Communication and Marketing during her sophomore and junior years, with Nordson Corporation’s corporate communications department in the summer of 2017, and with Airbnb’s content strategy team in the summer of 2018. After graduation, Mallory will be figuring out what jobs she can hold until she’s old enough to run for President in 2032.

Here are some takeaways:

  • Getting the internship search started can be intimidating. Don’t worry, reach out to your friends, family and professors. Reach out to your Facebook or social media community and see if anyone has something for you. This is a great way to explore options outside of the LinkedIn scroll.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply to those dream companies, you truly never know what it could become.
  • Every job and experience you have can translate into something useful as you pursue opportunities. Leverage anything you can. Applying to a PR position, but only have waitressing experience? It still fits!
  • Going into interviews, it’s important to build rapport. But, remember, it’s just a conversation. They do have to like you, but you also have to like them.
  • If you’re sitting in that interview seat, they want to hear from you.
  • If you’re excited to work for that company you’re interviewing with, let your personality shine through.
  • Get to know the companies core values by doing research on their website and other channels. If you name drop those buzzwords during an interview, you will stand out.
  • Always send a thank you email or personalized note to the person who interviewed you.
  • Make your last interview question, “What are next steps?” or “When can I expect to hear back from you?”
  • Come to interviews with post-interview questions ready. Asking questions helps you stick out as a candidate.
  • You can be two hours from your house during an internship experience, but still be lonely. Distance is important to consider while looking for places to live and move for internships. Know yourself and comfort level.
  • Look for new opportunities and embrace wherever you are whether it is ten minutes from your house or ten hours away.
  • Worried about finding a roommate? Just like Ohio University has class Facebook pages, cities often have internship Facebook groups that operate the same way.




Cade Fleming is a senior Journalism-Strategic Communication major and current Scripps PRSSA VP of PR. Keep up with him on Twitter @cade_fleming

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