3 Reasons Why you Need a Professional Mentor

One of the many benefits of being a dues-paying member of our Chapter is the professional mentor program. This program allows members to be matched with a professional who shares similar career goals or interests. You might wonder, why do I need a professional mentor? Well, here are three reasons why having a professional mentor is beneficial:

1. Professional development

If you need resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, or interview advice (which let’s face it, we all could use some help), a professional mentor is a great resource to get one-on-one help from someone who has been through the internship and hiring process already. They know what HR professionals and hiring managers are looking for, and some may have even hired interns in the past! They can give you personal advice that will help you start your career.

2. Finding a new place to live post-grad

One of the biggest challenges for people after graduation is choosing where they want to work! One of the perks of going into PR is that you can live and work almost anywhere. So, when it comes to finding a new city, your options are endless! If you have a particular city in mind, you can be matched with a mentor who currently lives in that city and can give you insights about what it’s really like.

This past summer, I interned in the same city where my professional mentor, Gentry Bennett, lived! She helped me find housing, navigate public transportation and she showed me around San Francisco and the Dolby Laboratories office.

3. Focusing your career path

In the strategic communication field, there are countless different industries and career paths you can take. A professional mentor can help you better understand what you want to do. Just like our weekly speakers, your professional mentor can tell you what their day-to-day is like at their job and help you better understand your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

All of our professional mentors were once in your shoes as students with endless questions about internships, jobs, etc. Whether you are an underclassman needed more basic resume advice or a senior looking for guidance, all of our professional mentors are super excited about supporting Bobcats. If you are still interested in signing up, email me at hb476416@ohio.edu or scripps.prssa@gmail.com.

Haley Bender is a senior strategic communication major and the current VP of External Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Follow Haley on Twitter @haleynbender!

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