October 21 – Jared Nyhart, City of Upper Arlington

Our Chapter was delighted to welcome Jared Nyhart back to Ohio University to speak about his various, eclectic positions in the communications industry.

After graduating in 2009 from Ohio University, Jared has worked with the United States Air Force, US Department of Agriculture and LBrands. Today, he serves as the Community Affairs Manager for the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio. Tonight, he is excited to share with you a communications career path that is a little less traditional than most, a few lessons learned (and still learning) along the way and that it’s perfectly normal to feel lost in your twenties.

Here’s a quick rundown of the meeting:

  • Nyhart graduated with a degree in public policy and administration, but most of his jobs are communication based
  •  Enlisting for the military after graduation is an option many do not consider
  • “The air force gave me a sense of confidence he did not have otherwise.”
  • As an intelligence analyst for the military, his sole job was to relay to drone operators what the analysts see on the ground––this role was highly intense!
  • At the age of 26, he left the military and came back home via a road trip
  • The US Department of Agriculture was not the most exciting job, but government communication is a great industry to be a part of
  • LBrands contacted Nyhart due to his background; they wanted him to fill a crisis communications role as an Intelligence Analyst––if something disastrous happened, Nyhart was responsible for reporting this information
  • He monitored 3,050 stores globally, 363 factories in 26 countries and 6,300 business travelers across 40 countries.
  • Currently serves as a Community Affairs Manager for the City of Upper Arlington
  • Q: “How do you deal with stress?” A: “It’s all about perspective. You’ll be surprised when your gut kicks in.”
  • There are many things that correlate between jobs. Gear your resume toward that.
  • There’s no problem in knowing that something might not be for you. Never feel pigeonholed in remaining in an area that is not for you.
  • His last piece of advice: “Be flexible. Things change at a moment’s notice.”

Jakob Warren is a junior double majoring in communication studies and strategic communication and the current VP of Visual Communication for Scripps PRSSA. Follow Jakob on Twitter @maybejaykub!

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