February 17 – Bryant Miller, BrewDog

Scripps PRSSA was more than pleased to welcome Bryant Miller from BrewDog to speak to the Chapter.

Bryant is a Marketing Lead at BrewDog USA in Columbus. Previously, he worked as a freelance marketing and communications consultant and a Leadership Development, Communications and Marketing Consultant at Hot Chicken Takeover. 

Connect with him on LinkedIn here!

Key highlights include:

  • Don’t knock working for big corporations! They can give your structure and an overall great experience.
  • “You don’t have to do the thing they’re doing to love the brand.”
  • It doesn’t matter the industry you work in to do good PR.
  • If you ever have to be convinced to take a job, you probably shouldn’t take it if you know deep down it’s not the right decision for you.
  • Life Lesson #1: Be careful whose advice you take. No one knows the context of who you are except for you. Let you shape you!
  • Life Lesson #2: Never underestimate the power of likability. If people don’t like you, they’re not going to want to work with you. Focus on making authentic relationships rather than what you can use each other for.
  • Life Lesson #3: It’s okay to try something and hate it. Sometimes you’re going to hate things and that’s okay – check it off the list!
  • Life Lesson #4: Give yourself some grace. It’s okay when you screw up! Forgive yourself and learn from it for next time.
  • Life Lesson #5: Give a sh*t, but don’t give any f*cks. Do what you have to do but don’t care about what doesn’t matter.

5 Things My Favorite PR Partners Do

  • Know that PR isn’t just PR
  • Act as an extension of my team
  • Don’t client me
  • Be on my side and have my back
  • Communicate with me the way I want to

Sydney Davis is a senior studying journalism, strategic communication and the current VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with her on LinkedIn here!

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