Country Roads: Why I think taking the census is important

When I first came to the United States, I was in awe of all the well-maintained roads, even in the rural areas. The open, clear roads allowed me to go to all parts of Ohio as a reporter for Gridiron Glory and Hardwood Heroes. The roads allowed me to do what I love the most: report on high school sports in the region.  

All the highways, freeways, expressways and even the narrow country roads are funded by the federal and state governments. These governments get the appropriate funding to maintain the roads we use every day from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Taking the census allows the Bureau to receive data that helps calculate where the funds need to be allocated. The Bureau also uses that same data to allocate funding to schools, hospitals and other vital public works such as community centers, libraries and more.

And I’m so glad that I got to communicate the importance of taking the census to my community through our campaign, “Bobcats, Get on the Map,” for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Starting this decade, one can also take the census online. So, no need to answer to strangers knocking on our doors, asking to fill out the census.

And with just 12 quick questions that take a mere 10 minutes to fill out, taking the census is easy and benefits everyone. So why don’t you take it today?

Hardika Singh is a junior, journalism news and information major at Ohio University. She is the current data analyst for Bobcats, Get on the Map.

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