Senior Farewell: What You Take with You – Sami Morsink

“And what did you take away from today’s lecture? Anyone?” I sit in my very first college classroom and watch as the professor glances around the room looking for someone to single out to answer his question.

At the time I wondered why it mattered. I wondered what it even was that I took away. Now, as I prepare to graduate, I know exactly why it mattered. Because it isn’t just what you do with your time on campus, but what you take away from it that will follow you off campus.

I sat next to a girl in my class and introduced myself. What I took away was the start of a friendship with the person who would become my roommate, role model and best friend.

I went to a PRSSA meeting for a Learning Community credit. What I took away was four incredible years of building connections and growing into a young professional.

Despite feeling nervous, I went to my first PRSSA social. What I took away was several incredible relationships that turned into friendships that continue to mean the world to me.

I ran for president my senior year and got elected. What I took away was confidence like I had never had before and the honor of leading the most incredible group of students and friends I have ever known.

There are a lot of things we will have to leave behind when we graduate. Waking up every day on this beautiful campus, going to Brenen’s with friends every week for Two for Tuesdays, going to PRSSA meetings at 6 every Monday… But it’s the things we don’t leave that mean the most to us. The memories, the relationships, the knowledge, the confidence, the love that has filled our hearts for this campus and everything that makes it what it is will always be there.

So if there’s one piece of advice I have for those of you who aren’t graduating yet it’s this: focus on what you will take with you. Don’t get wrapped up in the momentary stress, or even the momentary happiness. Put your time and energy into the things that matter enough to you that you hold onto them, because one day you will leave this campus and it’s all you will have left. It’s a long journey ahead and you can only pack the essentials, so I ask you all to consider this: what will you take with you?

Sami Morsink is a graduating senior and served as the Scripps PRSSA president for the 2019-2020 academic year. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

We thank Sami for her contributions to the Chapter and wish her well in her future endeavors!

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