Dear Dr. Stewart,

On behalf of the Hugh M. Culbertson Chapter of PRSSA (Scripps PRSSA), thank you. Thank you for your dedication to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism as the school’s director and continuous mentorship to Scripps PRSSA members.

From bringing in beneficial visiting Sloan speakers, to offering scholarship opportunities for International Conference travel, your service to Scripps PRSSA hasn’t gone unnoticed.

You’ve demonstrated your support by coming to fan-favorite events, such as the annual SPJ vs. Scripps PRSSA vs. 1804 Communication Pumpkin Carving Contest and Scripps PRSSA Thanksgiving Dinner.

Current and past students have come to you for guidance, and your “Always Open” sign was on for Scripps PRSSA members. You’ve aided our Bateman teams when needed and supported our Chapter through milestone events.

This past October, Scripps PRSSA celebrated its 50th Anniversary, and you were right there to offer your congratulations and honor our legacy. From funding, alumni connections and Tweeting our accomplishments, your support has been shown.

From some of our first classes on campus in J1010, you have continued to inspire us to be better communicators. Your presence around Schoonover Center will be greatly missed, but if you ever find yourself with extra free time in retirement, you are always welcome at Scripps PRSSA meetings every Monday at 6 p.m.


Past and present Scripps PRSSA members

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