Utilizing The Bobcat Network

If you’re a Bobcat, you understand how special Athens is and how there is no place like hOUme. For some, it’s because of the historical brick roads or beloved local businesses (like Brenen’s), but I believe it’s the Bobcat Network.

I started an Etsy business a few weeks ago. My first customer? A 35 year old Bobcat, who found and supported my shop, simply because I am a Bobcat, too. That, my fellow Bobcats, is the Bobcat Network.

As a rising junior, I had only experienced small doses of the Bobcat Network, such as in LinkedIn comments or communicating with alumni speakers during our Monday night meetings. However, this hit harder to home and closer to my heart. I realized that wherever life takes me or whatever I plan to do, I have and will always have an entire support system behind me. Even more, wherever life takes you or whatever you plan to do, you also have an entire support system behind you. That support system is, yes, the Bobcat Network.

I once heard the quote that goes like this: “You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.” I love this quote, and feel that this can also apply to the Bobcat Network.

As Bobcats, we are a part of something so special and so strong that it lasts far beyond our time in Athens. We are amongst those Bobcats who help Bobcats, siblings within the Bobcat Family and lifelong Bobcats deeply tied to the Bobcat Network. We must continue to carry the traditions, spread love and connect with former Bobcats just like generations before us did.

But, how?

Well, it begins with you. Me. Us.

Be friends with as many Bobcats as you can. Embrace the owners, professors and people that make Athens… Athens. Message the alumni with your dream position on LinkedIn. Make the most of your time at OHIO. Rep your green and white as much as possible. Engage with our alumni speakers on Mondays, and join us all for dinner. Begin the Etsy business and spread your Bobcat Pride.

You may only get four years at OHIO, but if you play your cards right, those years will last a lifetime.

Can I get an OU-OH Yeah for us, and the Bobcat Network??

Alyssa Gormley is a junior studying strategic communication and the 2020-2021 Scripps PRSSA Chapter Vice President. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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