5 Benefits of Corporate Communications

Many young communications professionals wonder about the major differences between corporate and agency public relations/marketing. Is one better to work in than the other? Every person’s experience working in both agency and corporate is going to be different, but there are distinctions to each. Before my current role as a marketing intern for a corporation, my only experience was working in agencies. Now, working in corporate communications, I’ve learned some of its benefits.

1. Industry Experts

Working in-house for a corporation requires you to become very knowledge about the brand and their product/service. No matter the industry, your main goal is to represent the brand you work for to the best of your ability. That being said, even if you have no prior experience to the industry you’re working in, you will quickly become experts in it! This is a great way to grow in your career if you’re looking for a new job in the same or similar industry, and it shows your ability to become extremely immersed in a brand.

2. Flexible Hours

In corporate communications, there’s more flexibility because you don’t have to report to clients. For example, logging project hours is less strict when working corporate compared to working agency and having to bill clients. If you leave work early or take a longer lunch, it’s easier to schedule than when working for an agency. There’s also flexibility in projects and campaigns because since you are the brand, you can make executive decisions. It’s easier and quicker to get ideas approved incorporate PR because there’s less people that need approval.

3. Rewards and Bonuses

Corporate companies tend to have more flexibility with their funds and expenses because they own everything and are able to reward their employees. Working for a corporate company that cares about their employees means frequent raises, bonuses and extra rewards.

4. Deadline Flexibility

Similar to logging hours, deadlines and project timelines have greater flexibility because the team is fully immersed in the brand and doesn’t need as much approval. Projects tend to move at a slower pace in corporate compared to agency, which can give you more time to research potential opportunities for the brand.

5. Close-knit Team

In-house marketing and communication teams are often times much smaller than those of an agency. Because of this, teams collaborate interactively and closely to executive projects and campaigns. Collaborating everyday with the same people creates a very close-knit work community and positive work culture.

There are benefits of working in either corporate communications or agency. Getting experience in both is a great way to build your skillset and find which field you enjoy most. I’ve had a great experience working in corporate communications and agency, and I encourage you to share which you enjoy most!

Vivian is a senior studying strategic communication and the 2020-2021 Scripps PRSSA Chapter President. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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