“How TikTok is taking over brand marketing strategies” By Macy Cantrell

Let’s face it. TikTok has completely taken over the social media world. Its popularity is changing the way brands communicate with their audience. Users spend hours at a time scrolling through the endless stream of videos, but only engage with a few. The app calls for fun and trendy content that is unique enough to catch an eye on the “for you” page. Below are a few of the ways brands are using this app differently than other kinds of social media.

User engagement

Before TikTok, I only saw brands engage with user’s comments for customer service issues. Now brands interact with almost every comment, finding creative ways to engage users and make them feel special. Companies take the time to reply to fun comments, trying to gain more likes and attention to their content. Brands also create hashtags and encourage others to make their own video using the given hashtag. Doing this draws more attention to the brand and can possibly help them go viral.

Going viral

Brands are constantly trying to find unique ways to make content go viral. Some companies create their own sound or dance that they encourage users to replicate. Brands also pay popular influencers to complete their trend in hopes of appealing to more users. What makes TikTok content special is the “for you” page. This is where users find most of their content, but it isn’t based on who users follow. This feed consists of trendy videos and content catered to the interests of each specific user, making it more difficult to get views.

Following trends

What’s the easiest way to go viral if you don’t create a trend yourself? Follow an already existing one. Brands spend time searching for existing trends, finding ways to make it relevant to their audience then replicating the content. This has caused a lot of brands to start making more funny or relatable videos for users to enjoy.

Macy Cantrell is a junior studying journalism-strategic communication and is the 2020-21 VP of External Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here.

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