Senior Farewell – Megan Parks

The years spent at college have been known to be arguably some of the best and worst years of your life. With my college graduation quickly approaching, I have been doing what many college seniors in similar situations are doing, which is reflecting. As my time at Ohio University was cut short due to achieving my goal of graduating in three years rather than four, so was my time with Scripps PRSSA.

Similar to numerous freshmen in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at OHIO, I originally entered college declaring myself a news and information major. By the start of my second semester, my track had switched to strategic communication with fresh goals and a new enthusiasm. I attended my first Scripps PRSSA meeting in the fall of 2019 and although I saw a few familiar faces from previous class, most members were strangers to me. Now, as a senior I am able to recognize every face in our zoom-style meetings. Scripps PRSSA also gave me the opportunity to participate on the PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition Team as the Social Media Coordinator. I was able to not only create a full scale public relations campaign and actively improve my social media skills, but made four life-long friendships. I gained the experience to help me feel prepared to enter the world of public relations upon leaving OHIO.

In being invited to everything from ugly sweater Christmas parties to late night study sessions, there’s hardly a college memory that Scripps PRSSA didn’t give me the chance to experience. Scripps PRSSA provided me with the foundation and skills to apply for numerous jobs and internships I never would have had the confidence to pursue. The confidence instilled in me has allowed me the chance to remain passionate about my career goals as I am graduating in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I have the incredible support from each and every member of the organization to thank for that. Joining Scripps PRSSA was the greatest decision I could have possibly made during my time at OHIO and I miss it already!

Megan Parks is a graduating senior and served as the Social Media Coordinator for the 2020-21 Scripps PRSSA Bateman team. Connect with her on Twitter here.

We thank Megan for her contributions to the Chapter and wish her well in her future endeavors!

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