“Making the most of your internship” By Macy Cantrell

The competitiveness of internship season makes an internship offer incredibly meaningful. After all the hard work that goes into applications and interviews, it’s important to make the most of your accomplishment. The purpose of an internship is to learn, so take advantage of every opportunity for self-improvement.

Put effort into every task (no matter how small)

Making a good impression on your employer is valuable for many reasons, one being that internships can turn into jobs. Working hard and taking advantage of every opportunity increases your chance at a future job offer. Attend every meeting possible, learn from mistakes and offer to help others when you aren’t busy. Putting in effort proves you care about your work and the company.

Make as many new connections as possible

Networking is a very valuable part of the internship experience. You never know how a connection could help you in the future. Also, work environments are more enjoyable when you’re comfortable with the people you’re surrounded by. Build meaningful relationships with as many people as possible during your time with a company.

Use the experience to figure out your likes and dislikes

This is a great opportunity to learn what you like or dislike about company culture, industries and more. For example, if you’re interning with an agency and find it too fast-paced, you can apply for more corporate positions in the future. Think about the things you did or didn’t enjoy during your experience, then use that to imagine what you want in future job or internship.

Save the projects you work on

All the projects you work on can be useful when applying to positions in the future. Save all of your work and add it to your portfolio. Companies often ask for writing samples or other projects when choosing an intern or employee.

Ask questions

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of an internship is to learn. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’re an intern and can’t be expected to know everything. Misunderstanding an assignment and having questions is completely normal and it’s okay to ask for help. Enjoy the opportunity you worked so hard for!

Macy Cantrell is a senior studying journalism-strategic communication and is the 2021-22 Chapter President for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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