“5 Steps to Building a Personal Brand with Social Media in College” By Olivia Strauss

College is an interesting time. Most people are learning who they really are and finally realizing how they want to put themselves out there. For many, college also marks the beginning of their career. This can come in many forms from internships to leadership opportunities to campus involvement. Building a personal brand with social media can be beneficial to both you as an individual and your career. Here are five steps on how to do it:

1. Know your platforms! 

Different social media platforms have different audiences and different types of content. For example, LinkedIn is a more professional platform, where most individuals showcase their academic and career achievements, while Twitter is more of a versatile platform where users can showcase not only their achievements, but more of their personality. Know the platforms that you intend to use and know what type of content is posted on each one.

2. Determine your goal.

Are you trying to impress a potential employer? Attract more friends? Post plainly for your own enjoyment? Knowing your purpose in becoming active on social media will help to determine what type of content you post, where you post, and how often you do it. 

3. Consistency is key.

When you make the decision to build your personal brand on social media, you must keep up with it. Building a brand means staying consistent, and if that means posting a Tweet several times a day, do it! Again, research your available platforms and determine what’s best for you. 

4. Network. Network. Network.

What makes social media so enjoyable, and so useful, is the ability to communicate. Whether it’s connecting with your best friend or your boss, those connections can take you a long way. You never know who will end up seeing your content, so post wisely!

5. Have fun with it!

Social media is supposed to be fun, so don’t stress too much over it. After all, it is your own personal brand. So, be true to you and don’t be afraid to try new things. Try out an Instagram story for once or add a fun hashtag next time. As you grow, let your social media grow with you. 

Building a personal brand on social media takes time and commitment. But, in the end, it will all be worth it! Remember, social media platforms are communications tools, and if you learn how to use them wisely, you can set yourself up for an outstanding career with an amazing network of friends, family, and industry professionals. So, what are you waiting for?

Olivia Strauss is a junior studying journalism-strategic communication and is the 2021-22 VP of Social Affairs for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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