Scripps PRSSA was thrilled to be back in-person for the first time since March 2020. We welcomed our speaker, Cidnye Work from Facebook. Cidnye is a Ohio University alumnus who was involved in Scripps PRSSA and even served as Chapter President. She had internships with Red Frog Events and FCB Chicago. Her current role is at Facebook as a University Recruiter. She helps to shed light on the Facebook internship program and guides young professionals on their professional journey. She works to recruit software engineering students through conferences, coaching, mock interviews and resume reviewing. Cidnye encouraged members to remember it’s okay for there to be change and not follow the “traditional PR” route.

Key Takeaways

  • “Don’t let rejection scare you, let them motivate you more”
  • Companies are looking for transferable skills, not always direct skills. Change happens and that is okay!
  • You might discover new dreams and goals along the way.
  • Take advantage of hand-on campus experiences.
  • Figure out what you value and what to give your time to, whether it’s certain classes or extracurriculars.


  • Find mentors! They can help you to learn about opportunities you would not have known of before. It’s more common that people will want to help you out.
  • Try as much as you can, but also be strategic. Being intentional with your time is much needed in your professional journey. Having a pros/cons list when looking at opportunities can be beneficial in the end!
  • You will get rejected and that is okay, try again. APPLY! A “no” does not mean the end of it all. Pick yourself up and apply again. 
  • It is okay to change paths. There is no linear or right path. Adding more skills as you go on, will help you to learn more in the end. Even if it’s not exactly what you thought you wanted to do!

Kelly Lambers is a senior studying journalism, strategic communication with a minor in marketing and a certificate in diversity studies and is the 2021-22 VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on LinkedIn here and on Twitter here.

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