Ohio University School of Communication alumnus, Mike Strauss, was cordially invited to speak at our PRSSA meeting on September 27, 2021. Mike has over thirty years of experience in fields such as retail, technology, marketing and communications and strategy and execution. Currently, he works at IBM iX as a Spark Team Lead. He is responsible for ensuring maximum efficiency in employees and teaches them how to best communicate with clients by means of persuasive narratives. Prior to joining IBM iX in 2016, Mike oversaw the department of global Digital Marketing Strategy for Diebold Nixdorf.  

Key Takeaways:

  • The idea of convergence (technology + humans, customer + worker experience all merging) is essential to the field.
  • Something can be learned from every client interaction.
  • Digitalized new ways of working results in a continuum of seamless, empowered experiences.
  • Adobe and Salesforceare the two main companies used by many corporations to market and advertise.
  • The future of the field is going to continue to use AI in conjunction with human employees to increase efficiency and propel velocity of content production.
  • Employers still need intelligence creativity from a human- can’t be obtained from a machine.
  • Experiences are neither created, nor generated, nor produced, they are designed.


  • Remember to listen, learn, lead, grow, and deliver an impact and provide tangible outcomes through data.
  • Think ‘big’.
  • Embrace convergence.
  • Always go in with a growth mindset and know the field is constantly evolving.
  • Get certification in Adobe and Salesforce (two main corporations used in many company’s ‘stacks’ of marketing). 
  • Build relationships with different departments in the company.
  • Be prepared to be the most creative person in the room at times.
  • Be able to ‘speak the languages’ of both creativity and technicalities.
  • Employers look for a strong work ethic and strong core foundational communication skills. 
  • Learn about the future of AI-

Connect with Mike on LinkedIn here.

Alyssa Goodenow is a sophomore with a major of undecided- intending strategic communications and a new member of PRSSA.

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