As another school year begins, students across the United States are looking for ways to get involved on their campuses. Here at Ohio University, students have the option to join over 550 amazing student organizations. What’s all the hype, though? What are the benefits of joining student organizations?

Benefits differ from organization to organization, but here are a few that seem to be true about most of them and some notes about the benefits of being a member or Scripps PRSSA.


As students join organizations and begin regularly attending meetings and events, they will find themselves connecting with all kinds of people—other members, advisors, alumni of the org, guest speakers, members from other groups, etc. These connections can develop into friendships or professional relationships, both of which can prove to be beneficial for students in the long run. Many Scripps PRSSA members have formed lifelong friendships and made connections with professionals in the field that have aided their careers.


Student organizations open a world of opportunities for students. Every org offers different opportunities to their members. Though these offerings may differ, in general, they all enable students to grow in some capacity. Some of Scripps PRSSA’s greatest opportunities for members include networking trips, mentorship programs, conferences and pre-professional experience in the field of PR.


An element of student organizations that I find incredibly valuable is the chance to gain experience in leadership and/or their future field. A good portion of on-campus organizations are run by students with some assistance from a faculty advisor. This means that students must learn and develop leadership skills to keep their groups running smoothly. Many groups, including Scripps PRSSA, are run by an executive board filled with student members serving in a variety of leadership roles.

Exploring Passions.

The greatest benefit of joining student organizations is being able to explore your passions. Whether students decide to join a club that is related to their major or join a group that involves one of their personal interests, they get to do things they are passionate about.

In my time at OHIO, I have had the chance to experience what it’s like being part of various organizations. Two of my organizations, Scripps PRSSA and OHIO Bella Voce, hold a special place in my heart and have been top priorities throughout my college career. PRSSA has enabled me to explore my love for the field of public relations and communication, while being active in Bella Voce has allowed me to continue to grow in my passion for music.

Joining student organizations can be a truly beneficial experience for students—I cannot recommend getting involved enough! Take time deciding what groups you want to take part in and do not feel like you need to fill up your plate with too many organizations. Once you find the groups you really care about, you’ll know it!

For more information about getting involved at Ohio University, click here.

Olivia Christiansen is a senior studying journalism-strategic communication. She is the Vice President of External Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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