Scripps PRSSA invited Aaron Brown to the meeting on Monday, October 4. Aaron is both an Ohio University and Scripps PRSSA Alumnus. He is a past recipient of the Outstanding Alum Award. Currently, he serves as the Executive Vice President at Fahlgren Mortine. Throughout his time at Fahlgren Mortine, he has worked primarily with the business-to-business segment. He utilizes a variety of media channels to get across “precisely what matters.” Aaron has a tradition of speaking at a Scripps PRSSA meeting once a year. He was happy to speak and connect with chapter members in an in-person format. 

Fahlgren Mortine emphasizes media that stands out and has meaning. Aaron discussed the prevalence of wasteful marketing and his ideas for making useful media. His method for creating media is accomplished by accurate data, smart design, and creativity. Aaron said that listening is essential, especially since COVID-19 has affected the world. Thinking big and moving fast is important.

Rising Trends:

  • Authenticity: Without consistency and honesty, there will be no trust in a company. It is also important in personal branding.
  • Culture: Consistency is important with company culture; it cannot be a campaign tactic. 
  • Media: Smart use of media channels is essential to reaching the target audience.
  • Purpose: This is important with discussion on equality, sustainability, and social unrest. 
  • Relevancy: Research is key to maintain relevancy. Without relevancy, content becomes wasteful marketing.

What matters in your career:

  • There are nine aspects to consider in a job search:
    • Salary
    • Location
    • Flexibility
    • Roles and responsibility
    • Growth Opportunities
    • Corporate Purpose
    • Personal Time Off
    • Focus on Values such as Diversity and Sustainability
    • Others
  • These hold different values to different people and will likely change with time.
  • Being yourself is essential to finding a good fit. Leveraging your network and learning as much as possible is also helpful. 

Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn here.

Lauren Reed is a sophomore majoring in journalism- strategic communication. She is the 2021-22 VP of Finance for Scripps PRSSA.

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