As fall semester approaches the halfway mark, you might be considering a winter internship. Internships are a great way to grow your professional development and network. After a year and a half in the midst of the pandemic, you may not have been able to experience some of the opportunities you were hoping for. Many programs looked a lot different or were canceled entirely. At some point, I’m sure you’ve felt shorted by the pandemic effects. Make up for lost time by getting involved this winter! Here are some tips on how to successfully do so.

Think about what you want your break to look like

Winter break allows students and faculty to take a hiatus from our academic lives. Many of us use this time to recharge with family and friends. Decide on how you want to manage your time. Figure out your holiday plans and see if that coincides with the dates of the internship you are looking at. Take time to rest and build your professional future.

Start your research on LinkedIn or The Intern Group

You’d be surprised at how many short-term opportunities there are! As employers continue to bring their companies back up to speed, more people are needed. Both Linkedin and The Intern Group have search filters in order to help you find the perfect fit. Make the filters work for you. Health and safety are still a top priority as we head into our second winter season with Covid-19. Both platforms offer remote and contactless options.

Begin networking now

It’s never too early to put your foot in the door. Most companies have rolling applications or deadlines at the end of November into early December. Leave potential employers a message on LinkedIn or one of their social media platforms. Show them you are interested in their content and start building connections.

Apply, apply, apply

Most importantly, don’t second guess yourself. If you see an opportunity you are interested in, apply! This is your own opportunity to gain meaningful experience that interests you. Winter internships can be seen as unorthodox but they can end up being even more beneficial than a traditional summer internship. Don’t limit your possibilities!

Demetra Miller is a senior majoring in Communication Studies, minoring in Public Relations & Advertising, and receiving a certificate in Social Media. She can be found on Twitter here and LinkedIn here.

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