Scripps PRSSA was proud to welcome alumni Lexi Sweet to our November 8 meeting. Lexi graduated from Ohio University in 2012 majoring in Journalism and Spanish. Currently, she works as the senior manager of public relations at Experience Columbus. In this position, Lexi handles the execution of all media accounts for the city of Columbus, promoting the city’s image, and strategizing crises that the city and people may face. Before holding her, current position Lexi worked at Hunter Public Relations, where she specialized in food and beverage PR campaigns. 

Key Takeaways:

• Tourism and Hospitality include so much more than hotels, so many industries come together to create income and job opportunities for the citizens of Columbus.

• The city is the client, Experience Columbus becoming the agency for hospitality. Creating campaigns and bolstering the image of Columbus.

• A cities public relations group begin working with multiple content creators to get the right message for the image of Columbus.

• Creating group spaces and tours to showcase the city for writers to converse and discuss the positive impacts and benefits of the city.


• Living Forward, a campaign created by Lexi and her team to invoke the city to be progressive and keep moving towards new ideas. 

• Get updated ideas and prepare plans for and during a crisis.

• No matter what you’re going to have people who are going to be upset with you.

Connect with Lexi on LinkedIn here.

Sydney Yoder is a sophomore studying journalism, strategic communication and a first year member of Scripps PRSSA.

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