Visual branding is important to any organization, no matter its size or reach. Whether you’re building brand identity from scratch, creating a professional brand for yourself or refreshing your organization’s guidelines, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

The components of your brand’s visual identity should function together to tell a single story. Colors, fonts, logos, and imagery should work individually and collectively. While not every visual asset needs to use all of the brand’s colors or fonts, they should be easily identifiable as your brand’s.

What are you trying to convey through your visual identity? Consider what you want your audience to associate with your organization’s brand, and how you can make your organization memorable. Using color, imagery, and fonts can help communicate a message concisely.

After determining what your brand’s message is, focus on memorability. Does your logo immediately call to mind your organization’s name and mission? Think about how you can make the connection apparent and obvious.

Cohesiveness, message and memorability work hand-in-hand to form a great visual brand. Next time you’re updating your student org’s brand guide, working towards a rebrand at an internship or job, or even just refreshing your own resume and cover letter, think about how to use cohesiveness, message and memorability to create something truly impactful.

Katherine Keber is a journalism – strategic communication major with minors in history and classical civilizations. She is currently serving as VP of Visual Communication for Scripps PRSSA and can be found on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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