It is essential to strive for a good grade and understanding of your classes. Additionally, finding a internship teaches practical public relations skills. When applying for a job or internship, it is important that there are a variety of experiences in which you have utilized public relations skills. There are several opportunities to gain these skills outside of classes and internships.

Get a job that utilizes public relations skills

Many part-time jobs that are not necessarily public relations jobs can have skills and tasks that can be useful in a future public relations career. Communicating information to customers, answering customer questions about the company in an honest and positive way, and discussing creative solutions to problems with co-workers all can be mentioned on your resume. Look for ways you have grown and knowledge you have learned since starting your part-time job.

Branch out with your interests

Diversifing your schedule with organizations and opportunities that interest you can also add to your skill-set. Taking up a leadership role can teach important communication skills. You could also run an organization’s social media account to gain experience. Additionally, networking with people outside of your field can be beneficial. You can be exposed to alternative methods and skills that you may miss out on otherwise.

Writing skills

In public relations, writing skills are essential. These skills can be built up through practice outside of school. Writing and editing for a public relations publication or one featuring a topic that interests you can build both writing skills and knowledge of the field you are writing about. Additionally, read professional articles about public relations that feature good writing.

Lauren Reed is a sophomore studying journalism-strategic communication. She is the 2021-22 VP of Finance for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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