“Three brands that are changing the game on TikTok” BY MACY CANTRELL

It’s a known fact that TikTok has changed the way brands interact with consumers forever. However, some brands are taking risks to earn more engagement. Here are a few unexpected companies who are killing it on TikTok.


Duolingo, the language learning platform received 25.1 million views on one TikTok in November 2021. Many wonder how such a niche brand could gain such a large following. One thing they do differently is create comedic content of their brand. All content is focused around their mascot, Duo the green owl. They apply their brand mission to popular trends in a completely unconventional way.

Check out some examples here:



Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy is a cleaning company best known for their smiley face shaped sponges. This is another unique brand that has over one million TikTok followers. Scrub Daddy has grown by using a strategy similar to Duolingo. They’ve created memes from their bestselling sponge. They surprise users with the risky trends they follow, but it pays off in the end.

Examples of Scrub Daddy content:




Lionsgate is a global entertainment platform that produces films and television series. They currently have almost four million TikTok followers. They’re bio says, “i’m real”, because so many users can’t believe the content the account creates. They use scenes from their popular movies to follow trends. They frequently pick scenes from Twilight and The Hunger Games for their videos, which appeals to a wide fanbase across the platform.

Here are some examples:



All three of these brands are taking risks and posting content that users are calling, “unhinged”. To TikTok users, the content seems risky and out of character for the brand. In reality, a brand’s team carefully strategizes and plans the content. More brands are starting to take this approach because of the success and engagement other companies are receiving.

Macy Cantrell is a senior majoring in Journalism- Strategic Communication. She can be found on Twitter here and LinkedIn here.

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